Guild: United Citizen Federation

We of the Federation welcome English speaking players to join us as long as you follow our rules. - Do not steal. - Do not kill players without a good reason. - Respect other players.

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
the PresidentTerry99Knight Offline
a CitizenAlkas21Paladin Offline
Cainghorn54Knight Offline
Dagothar78Paladin Offline
Friend44Druid Offline
Insanely Sane44Paladin Offline
Jason Genova23Paladin Offline
Koze25Knight Offline
Laddad21Royal Paladin Offline
Massive Tunes18Paladin Offline
Rooksplorer8No vocation Offline
Ruthless Rod23Sorcerer Offline
Wilson43Master Sorcerer Offline
Xirodimus19Master Sorcerer Offline
Zeki43Knight Offline