Guild: The Collective

We are The Collective, an ancient secret society devoted to a dark purpose. We are so ancient that we have forgotten our secret purpose and now just kind of hang out. A group of English-speaking friends looking to make new ones. We are neutral in server wars and interested only in hunting, questing, exploring, and general role-playing fun. Our members are expected to follow server rules (absolutely no botting of any kind) and treat other players with respect.

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
SoulSuiko172Paladin Offline
MindZitronenquark (Advertise here)100Sorcerer Offline
BodyBreath Fire Hary47Master Sorcerer Offline
Hoang Touliver140Master Sorcerer Offline
Kato112Royal Paladin Offline
Skunkizz (Goofball)117Paladin Offline
Takie Tam Stozki67Knight Offline
Tschatscha68Master Sorcerer Offline
Tylo Toxy48Druid Offline
Virtutti Militari75Paladin Offline
Young Link32Paladin Offline